Searching for that unique copy…

A collectors’ paradise


ealers from every part of the Greater Region will be here all weekend long, presenting visitors with a wide range of comic books and items from the world of the 9th Art.

Visitors to the Comic Book Festival can browse among over 70 different stands set up in the streets of Contern – where, if they’re collectors they’ll be able to find a rare gem, or if simple fans they can discover (or rediscover) legendary comic books.


ealers selling older works can be found in the large tent as you leave the village.

In the village centre, in the old primary school, is the Comic Book Festival Office and it is here that you’ll be able to look at and buy Festival posters (to view them go to Posters).

As you walk to the village Sports Centre to meet the authors, you’ll come across other stands with dealers selling T-shirts and gadgets representing strip cartoon heroes.

You’d like to sell comic books?

Please contact us at the following address:

Commission Bande Dessinée de la Commune de Contern

c/o Jean-Claude Muller

4, Place de la Mairie L-5310 CONTERN

tel: +352 661 35 06 53